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What WE DO?

Full-stack Application Development

Our seasoned developers, proficient in Golang, Python, Typescript, Javascipt, React, AWS, and GCP. We can add skilled engineers to your existing team, or build tailored applications that drive you forward.

AI / Machine Learning

We build bespoke AI/ML solutions that help your business stay efficient and competitive.


Our experts deploy scalable software solutions to the cloud, such as AWS and GCP. Have millions of users? Need the most cost-effective architecture, scalable and secure? Avoid vendors lock-in? We have them well in our hands.



End-to-end full-stack philanthropy platform designed to be able to serve millions of users.

Our architecture presents a significant cost-saving of 40-65% on AWS compared to commonly accepted standards.

Horizontally scalable.


  • Database: Postgres, Mongo
  • Backend: Golang, Typescript (Node Express)
  • Frontend: React with Redux, Saga
  • DevOps: AWS deployment with Terraform (Docker, K8S, ECS), Github CI/CD
  • Mobile Apps: iOS, Android, PWA exports using Capacitor + React


We’ve developed an AI/deep learning model that excels in identifying hazardous cardiovascular symptoms/diseases, which heighten the risk of strokes, heart failure, and other heart-related complications.

The state-of-the-art model correctly identified 98.5% patients with symptoms, boasted an accuracy score and f1-score of 93%, marking a substantial 7% improvement over the previously deployed model (accuracy & f1-score = 86%), which had been deployed and used by many Polish healthcare clinics.

This advancement significantly reduced the time for cardiologists and doctors to manually review extensive ECG records, which can sometimes span up to 7 days. As a result, we’ve managed to reduce the time and manpower required for this task by approximately 24-fold.

Technologies: Python, Tensorflow


We built a Machine Learning solution whose performance surpassed the BEST existing solution in the US healthcare industry at the time of completion.

An accurate patient demographic record matching solution that reliably match espatients with their medical records, which will help US hospitals reduce healthcare costs, better track patient outcomes over time, increase healthcare quality, patient care and satisfaction.

F1-score: 99.19%, Accuracy: 99.34%

Technologies: Python, PySpark, Scikit-learn, XGBoost


Our DevOps people have deployed many applications on the Cloud, or migrated on-premise applications to the cloud, for many enterprises.

We prefer to use battle-tested, industry-standard technologies, while aiming for cloud-agnostic solutions, maximum avoidance of vendor lock-in, most cost-effective and efficient architecture. Our choice of architectures is secure, scalable, and costs 40-65% LESS than what most companies typically pay. 

Leverage our know-how and experience starting today. This is where cheap is expensive, and expensive is cheap. We help you avoid costly mistakes with our guidance, and lessons learned from other corporations.

Technologies: AWS, GCP, Terraform/Terragrunt, Ansible, K8S, Helm, Docker Container Service, CI/CD platforms.


Recommendation System consulting services for a multitude of mobile application services:

  • Recommending Products for the app’s online shopping platform.
  • Recommending Channels, Accounts, News.


Virtual Assistant: AI-powered ChatBot for internal use.

The AI Chatbot can intelligently answer human questions, with other NLP features: information extraction, sentiment analysis.

Engagement Process

Our leaders will collaborate with yours to identify issues, understand business needs, devise solutions, and outline high-level requirements.

Upon deciding to extend our partnership, we provide adaptable engagement options: you can either enlist our engineers on a retainer basis or incorporate our team to work in tandem with yours.

We transition into the design and architecture stage.

This phase necessitates close collaboration with your team members who are intimately familiar with the technical aspects and the project’s trajectory.

We will design an optimal architecture, complete with a timeline and roadmap.

Receive approval and develop the software.

Furnish regular progress update reports.

Maintain a close collaboration with your business, product teams, and executives, in order to anticipate and align our engineering efforts with any business changes.

Deploy the software, application on the cloud.

Ensure that the deployed software/model is secure, robust, and scalable, and cost-effective.

Guarantee a smooth knowledge transfer to your people with comprehensive documentation and training.


AIgenexpert team is incredible to work with. They understand our business problem well, and come up with initiatives which our machine learning solution was built on. We want to thank them for their dedication, expertise and the values they have created for us.
As a data engineer, working with the data scientist from aigenexpert team was an amazing experience. He helped us with what we do have and what we lack in data, provided us with insights on how they should be structured for ML algorithms. Our project was a great success. Thank you.

"Waste precious time no longer.
Summon the software cavalry,
and witness efficiency in action."
- Trung Dinh