What WE DO?

Full-stack Application Development

Our seasoned developers, proficient in Golang, Python, Typescript, Javascipt, React, AWS, and GCP. We can add skilled engineers to your existing team, or build tailored applications that drive you forward.

AI / Machine Learning

We build bespoke AI/ML solutions that help your business stay efficient and competitive.


Our experts deploy scalable software solutions to the cloud, such as AWS and GCP. Have millions of users? Need the most cost-effective architecture, scalable and secure? Avoid vendors lock-in? We have them well in our hands.

We don’t just build software, we craft innovative solutions that propel your business forward. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, we’re here to turn your vision into reality.


Engagement Process

Our leaders will collaborate with yours to identify issues, understand business needs, devise solutions, and outline high-level requirements.

Upon deciding to extend our partnership, we provide adaptable engagement options: you can either enlist our engineers on a retainer basis or incorporate our team to work in tandem with yours.

We transition into the design and architecture stage.

This phase necessitates close collaboration with your team members who are intimately familiar with the technical aspects and the project’s trajectory.

We will design an optimal architecture, complete with a timeline and roadmap.

Receive approval and develop the software.

Furnish regular progress update reports.

Maintain a close collaboration with your business, product teams, and executives, in order to anticipate and align our engineering efforts with any business changes.

Deploy the software, application on the cloud.

Ensure that the deployed software/model is secure, robust, and scalable, and cost-effective.

Guarantee a smooth knowledge transfer to your people with comprehensive documentation and training.

How much does our team cost?

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Have a project? We have an eagle eye for the most effective, cost-efficient solution.